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Participation at the Royal Statistical Society 2019 International Conference, authors: Aura POPA, poster „ How Clean Is Your Takeaway?”, 2nd – 5th September 2019, Belfast, UK – WON 3rd Prize in Poster Competition!

Participation at the Royal Statistical Society 2018 International Conference, authors: Aura POPA, poster „ The History of a Population Pyramid: A Snapshot of the Romanian Demographics ”, 3rd-6th September 2018, Cardiff, UK.

Participation at the 7th International Conference Management of Technological Changes MTC 2011, authors: Monica ROMAN, Zizi GOSCHIN, Aura POPA, paper „The determinants of Romanian emigrants decision to remit”, 1st-3rd September 2011, Alexandroupolis, Greece (indexed ISI Proceedings). 

Participation at the 6th International Conference on Economic Cybernetic Analysis: Global Crisis Effects and the Patterns of Economic Recovery – GCER-2011, authors: Zizi GOSCHIN, Aura POPA, paper “Romanian Emigrants’ Remittances: Exploring the Factors of Influence”, Advanced Research Centre for Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Cybernetic Modelling, MAY, 20-21 2011, Bucharest, online source:, ASE Publishing. 

Participation at the 5th International Conference in Applied Statistics, with the paper „The Size of Hidden Economy: A Critical Analysis of the Estimation Method with Application on Romania”, authors: Andreea Iluzia IACOB, Tudorel ANDREI, Aura POPA, National Institute of Statistics, indexed in international databases EBSCO, 2010, IInd Section: „Econometric Modelling of Economic Fluctuations”, 3rd paper, ISSN 2069-2498, Bucharest, Romania, (19-20 November 2010). 

Participation at the „International Conference on Eurasian Economies”, with the paper „Migrants’ Remittances in Romania and Balkan Countries: A Macro-Economic Perspective”, authors: Zizi GOSCHIN, Aura POPA, Mihai ROMAN, Istanbul, Turkey, (4-5 November 2010). 

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Project Code: AF/A/540/4.1/X, DCE: 1267/29.06.2009, Program’s Name: „Municipal Properties Management in South-Eastern European Cities (PROMISE)”, Project’s Manager: Constantin Daniela-Luminița, PhD, Professor, Project’s Type: SEE Transnational Programme, Institution that founded the project: EC – FEDER, Period: 17.03.2009 – 29.02.2012, website: 

Project’s Code: POSDRU/90/2.1/S/63784, Project’s Name: „Modern Practice Systems to Facilitate the Access to Employment for future Specialists in Statistics and Economic Forecasting and Economic Informatics”, Project’s Manager: Emilia Titan, PhD, Professor, Project co-financed from Social European Fund through Operational Programme for Human Resources Development for the period 2007-2013, Priority Axis 2: „Linking lifelong learning and labour market”, Area of Intervention 2.1 „Transition from school to work”, Beneficiary: Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Position in the project: Short-term Expert, Period: 2009-2013, website: 

Project code: 1829/ IDEI II, Program’s Name: „The effects of labour force migration and of the demographical structures changes on the dynamic of economics”, Project’s Manager: Roman Monica Mihaela, PhD, Professor, Project’s Type: PCDI II IDEAS, Institution that founded the project: UEFISCU, Period: 01.01.2009 – 01.01.2012, Project’s value: 785.000 ron, website: 

Project Code: TE_336, Contract No. 45/03.08.2010, Program’s Name: ”Adaptive Economic Mechanism For Efficient And Equitable Use Of Ecosystems’ Services”, Project’s Manager: Gradinaru Giani, PhD, Associated Professor Project’s Type: Research projects to stimulate the formation of young independent research teams, Institution that founded the project: UEFISCDI, Period: 01.08.2010 – 31.07.2013, Project’s value: 693.230 RON, website: 

Project’s Code: 1793 din 2008/ IDEI II, Project’s Name: „Econometric Techniques Used to Analyse Concentration, Specialization, Decentralization Process’s Impact and Quality of the Political System from Romania on Regional Development”, Project’s Manager: Iacob Andreea-Iluzia, PhD, Professor, Project’s Type: PCDI II IDEAS, Period: 13.01.2009- 31.12.2011, website:

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