In an era of “data is the new oil”, GDPR is vital.

On the 14th January 2019, the Royal Statistical Society through its Social Statistics Section and Data Ethics Group of Interest hold a conference on GDPR in Social Surveys.

A Reminder of the Research Code of Practise Principle from the Digital Economy Act 2017:

The presentations of the speakers can be found here.

Some food of thought and ideas from the conference…

  • We should be transparent with the data subjects and their rights.
  • When working on international projects, remember that the law is the same but with different nuances from EU country to another. 
  • NHS is a good example of guidances and forms in implementing GDRP, with more forms and information here.
  • Derogations on the Research in GDPR are going to be updated in the next few years.
  • With Brexit, we are not clear at this stage of what will happen yet in the UK with the GDPR implementation on long term perspective.