Always passionate about numbers and quantitative methods, Aura has a BA in Statistics and Economic Forecasting and a MPhil in Statistics and Econometrics from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania.

Aura is a Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society since 2018 and a Market Research Society member since 2021.

In 2008, Aura started her career as Data Analyst in Ipsos Romania, then for a few years she was a Research Analyst and Teaching Assistant with the Academy of Economic Studies, concentrating on data modelling and analysis within sustainable development, labour market, regional and macro economy.After moving to London, Aura subsequently held Research Analyst positions in one of the leading agencies, YouGov, at Solutions-2 and lately at Catalyst Housing Association, gaining experience on both sides of the fence. 

As Consultant at The Statistical Company, Aura works directly with end-clients, such as The Walt Disney Company, Sony Electronics etc., as well as with Market Research agencies who need help with Advanced Analytics.

Aura’s academic background gives her a strong theoretical background, and with years of experience in private sector, also a strong pragmatic and common sense approach in her work. She is client-oriented, seeking to understand the customer, looking for different perspectives to meet and anticipate its needs, proactive whenever possible. 

Aura is a native teacher, loving to share knowledge through SPSS, Excel and Statistics training, but also an avid learner, reading everyday about Big Data news.

In her spare time, Aura is a keen gardener and enjoying cycling everyday being a huge Brompton fan. When raining outside, Aura likes to spend time with her cats, Shpottie and Bibi that are the Statistical Company’s mascots.


Caroline McGarr, Research Director, ThinkBank Research Media

The Allocation Tool for Segmentation is working great. 

The teams based here in Middle East have never seen anything like it before (both the end-client and ThinkBank field-team). 

You really do help us put a more professional polish on things and I love how you always make Excel reports look so attractive! 

Thomas Alcott, YouGov

Aura’s solution-based, forward-thinking approach allowed her to establish herself as the go-to person for any data science/analytic related query. I asked Aura on many occasion to explain complex concepts in easy-to-digest language, and she did a fantastic job at training my teams in various pieces of software and to deliver those sessions to staff of varying levels of expertise. Aura puts great effort into everything she sets out to achieve, including setting up bespoke data visualisation dashboards for clients, running data analysis on large datasets and designing training guides and sessions for her peers across departments.

Mihai Hreniuc, Student

She is an awesome teacher and really funny in the same time!

Her professional skills are very good and her classes are a pleasure.

Thanks to her, I learned and, more important, I got to enjoy statistics!

An A+ person from all points of view!